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Tissue Paper Making Machine

About Tissue Paper Making Machine

Tissue paper making machine that is open in various shapes and sizes
  • An emblazoning unit consisting of two kinds of paper type metals in a full or outskirt design
  • A printing unit that highlights the printing of a couple of hues.
  • The electronic count for total precision.
  • Coordinated band hundred to cut two paths in four stacks on circulation deck.
  • Band and motor paces fluctuate with the drive.
  • Simple activity and zero support.
  • Automatic Pneumatic Packaging Machine (Optional) Auto Automatic Paper Napkin Machine is utilized to crease kind sized. Fold into a square or rectangular paper napkin.
  • Machine frameworks incorporate printing, installing, tallying, and collapsing.
  • The speed of the programmed paper napkin envelope is constrained by a recurrence drive. (With cutting band.)
  • Tallying of votes might have fluctuated as required. It is a quick paper hand towel machine. The static is similarly equipped with an eliminator.
  • Napkin paper of 22 cm to 40 cm width in size according to the client's necessity.
  • A machine consisting of the primary motor (single-stage/three-stage) and a helper motor for the band.

Technical specification

We are also supplying pneumatic packaging machine as per customer demand.

  • Working Width :22 cm to 40 cm (as per requirement)
  • Printing Unit:As per requirement
  • Embossing Unit:As per requirement
  • Parent Roll Diameter:1200 mm
  • Folding size:1/4
  • Speed:400 sheets per min. (Speed varies according to different paper) (2 lacks per 8 hrs.)
  • Installed Power:AC 440V/220V, 50 Hz, 2.2 kw
  • Transmission :Timing Belts
  • Controlling System :2.2 kw Frequency Drive (MAKE - CROMPTON GREAVES / L & T)
  • Machine Weight :1700 kg (Approx)
  • Space Required :6.5 Feet X 15 Feet
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  • Automatic Tissue Paper Making Machine is a skilled, dependable, and simple to work the machine
  • Brisk Paper Coordinator is amazingly valuable for arrangements to convey gigantic sums.
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